Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take a little trip with us!

Today we set out on a mission, Manitou Incline! We pretty much knew that we werent going to get up the whole way, not with our kids and especially not in this shape! but... we wanted to try and see how far we would get. I packed a snack and off we went!
The drive is B-E-A-UTIFUL!  SO.. WE PASSED IT! 

No, seriously though. We drove through Manitou & never say a sign. I figured there MUST be a sign. We ended up driving to Woodland Park. It was a cute town, city maybe? Anyway, its literally in the mountains! We had so many options from there, where to go... ? We asked a few people and decided back.. we're goin, going... back back.. to Manitou! hahaha!

We had an amazing lunch at Hells Kitchen! Great pizza, atmosphere and staff (of one! haha) but for real, the pizza is authentic NY style, it was GREAT! 

Okay, Okay! Here's the fun stuff! We headed down the street to a park. First thing I see, a group of hippie/hipster/kids/homeless looking fucks... thats all I can use to describe them! I tried snapping some pics but... oh well hahah. next time! We did have a blast there! 

Now... This toy/contraption.. All I could hear was screaming! Hahahaha... 

We walked around the town, went in some shops, checked shit out. The locals in most of the shops were assholes, Im assuming because we're not "locals" what-the-fuck-over! my $ is local enough for you to take though right? hippie-sonsa-bitches! 

We decided to take a little mountain drive and head to seven falls

Then... drove to Cheyenne Moutain Zoo.. for a peek!
Those are GIRAFFES! I was amazed! 

On the way home ...

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