Thursday, February 28, 2013

dinner time!!!

Why is it when dinner is ready EVERYONE is all of a sudden up and in the bitchen? and no, thats not a typo! I kinda figured since Im always in the kitchen (its my fav. place duh!) &  im a biznatch (thanks again lacey!)  we'll reefer (thats not a typo either) to it a a bitchen from NOW on!  This week Ive been making whole chickens in my pressure cooker (its pretty fn sweet!) Originally the chicken was planned for lunches but Ive found myself using the entire chicken for almost 4 meals! (SCORE!!!)
Tonight was .... drum roll please!
Chicken & dumplings! Yum-oooo! When I envisioned serving this dinner to my family I saw us sitting at the table, steam rising from our all matching glass bowls. That is not what happened this evening. When I went to get out the bowls, they were gone! But dont worry I found them...

Apparently someone has been slacking on chores. Which I find rather annoying, fore (like in golf cuz shits about to be flying around this mother fer) I dont forget to cook for them!  

The culprits:

Amara got served in a pot hahaha. She wasnt trilled and as I handed her her bowl of dinner, while snapping this pic she says "great this is for your blog huh" yep! Yep your exactly right! 

This blur was not intentional whatSOever haha. this is daniel- my notSOlittle26yrOLDbrother.

Whats the moral of the story? Do your chores! 

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