Monday, March 25, 2013

a little piece of A2theZ

A high of 60 the says.... so off we drive, heading west cuz.. west is the best! 

 We drove all over the mountains! First was Helen hunt falls. You don't have to pay and can hike through the creek up the mountain to the falls. There are tons of other trails, and more "civilized" trails. 
We didn't drive any further west/ up the hill from there we headed south & checked out some creepy little camp ground and ended up in the hills have eyes country! Creeeeeepy!

 There were a lot of things to do there, although..mostly climbing on rocks, up creeks or steps! The frozen water falls were beautiful.

 Cant beat a photo op! My brother & I and Hubs & I 
brother husbands lmfao
 i always... always always have something to say about sister wives. I see a couple together, who probably isnt even a couple at all! But... Im like oh look! they have a sister wife!!! I LOVE love LOVE the idea of having a sister wife. until it concerns my family... hahahahhahaha. these woman ALL have sex with the same man, but get offended when someone asks if they have orgies? STFU! Come on now, be real!  I joke when we're all out together and tell the "guys" they look like a gay couple with their kids hahah its so funny. other people have over head and laughed... than when they're CAUGHT laughing, they are all ike "you said it" ya, cuz its true hahahaha. i totally appreciate the help. i love that my husband will baby wear! its great for bonding and she loves  it.... and its easy for hikes! we love it!

We found a piece of Arizona while driving around a few days ago!
Literally a piece of home!

Of course we went back and had lunch! Same family owns it & it was JUST as delicious... If not better. Jk Brenda! Hahahahaha! seriously though... i want some now after blogging about it! hahaha.

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