Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MommyLocs & the Three Complainers

everynight  ok ok.. lets get real. Not everyone makes dinner e-v-errry night, right?  or maybe you do? I can tell you that I honestly dont and Ive tried and tried and tried again... Its.SO.hard! ill tell you why; my kids are SPOILED! one wont eat this, the other isn't hungry. i cater to all of their needs. separate chorizo out of the pan so it doesnt get mixed with eggs, than mix that with beans to make a burrito! what in the hell am I thinking!?!?   NOT anymore! this mama is DONE-ZO! 

Tonight is hamburgers! YUM!! I cant wait to eat some fancy sauce! sweet, delicious & savory homemade fancy sauce.  Look for recipe to follow.

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