Saturday, January 4, 2014

Somedays, I Just Don't Want to Cook

I get it, me too! Im the Queen of mcdonalds & breadsticks! I craved it… my body craved it just as much, up until 17 or 18 days ago. My friends would be shocked to know I haven't had a single mcdonalds french fry or sweet tea in almost a week! A WEEK!!! That's absolutely disgusting, until you look at the labels on the crackers you consume daily at lunch along with a hot dog and string cheese.  What do you replace the crackers & hot dogs with? Pita and humus, home made chips and guacamole! Lunch is always the hardest in our home, some kind of meat or cheese is a go to for lunches. Its american, its a staple.. its what we know! (Maybe some of you know the canned ravioli & lunchables, in that case… THROW THEM OUT!!!)

With three kids at home, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… (Yep. Homeschool) I HAD to come up with menus and lunch ideas. I surfed google like a professional winning the gold in hawwaii! I went through every page of pinterest, magazines, advice and recipes from friends & family… NOTHING was going over with these girls, they're like those fairy tale princesses; their way! I made the Elvis sandwhich once, although up until now I didn't know it had bacon on it, ha! They were hooked! In the next few days I worked in a few different recipes (One pot spaghetti, pasta with herbs & homemade bread, different salads with herbs) that were hit & miss.

When it snows, we're on lock down. I dislike driving in it & well its cold! On a grocery day it was blistery, and that wasn't flyin' around here! I knew I had to come up with something good… The girls love banana, we had marshmallows… and tortillas! Im pretty sure there was peanut butter in there too!

Banana "LUNCH" Tacos!
makes 8

2 ripe bananas
8 corn tortillas
peanut  butter
mini marchmellows

Heat skillet.
Slice bananas to fit the tortilla. I usually get 4-6 pieces from one.
Throw a tortilla into a skillet, arrange a few (seriously, a few is 2 or 3 people!) marshmallows in the middle and fold over. Let that get warm, about 2 minutes.
Add a few pieces of banana & spread some PB on that
Fold like a taco & heat another 2 minutes.


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