Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hummus & Pita

Homemade humus in the pressure cooker is aaahhhmmzzzzing! 
Its so good, I make double & freeze it for a weekly lunch on the menu! 
My oldest daughter has been almost full vegan since she was 4, 
we had to find ways for her to get protein. 
It turned out, she loves hummus. 
Eventually we started reading whats in it, and thought … 
Yep, thats right! Get, Rid, Of… IT! 
I use two pounds of chickpeas, wash them in a strainer
 than our them into the pressure cooker. 
On top of that goes two whole yellow onions, 
and three bulbs of garlic (I may even use 4 next time). 
Fill that baby up with water…to the top! 
Set timer to cook for 40 minutes, let the pressure out naturally.
When its done, squeeze out the garlic.
Throw away the onion
& drain the water!
Smash the chickpeas & Season with salt!

The pita bread is so much fun! I can't say we've perfected it, 
but…we keep using all kinds of beers to make our doughs 
& its pretty damn amazing! 
My husband is a genius. 
(He'll probably never see this muaha)

Beer Pita Bread
1 C. Hot Beer, not boiling
2 t. active dry or instant yeast
3 C. organic white flour
2 t. salt
2 T. Coconut Oil

Pour the beer and yeast into your bowl, I use the kitchen aid for this! 
Let sit for about 5 minutes, it'll get foamy.
Add 2 1/2 C. flour, the salt and oil
Knead for 6-7 minutes, adding the rest of the flour
until you have a smooth dough.
Dust the counter & turn the dough out.
Knead the dough with your hands and make into a ball.
Clean the bowl you used, wipe with oil  & put the dough back in. 
Cover with plastic, put somewhere draft free for an hour.
Gently deflate the dough, make into 8 balls
Roll them out on a floured surface!
Heat a skillet on high, throw those pitas on! 
Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side, when you start to get bubbles

You can also keep the dough for up to a week!

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