Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hats off to.. My pressure cooker!

When people ask me how I make something, they don't except my answer to be "my pressure cooker"… The look is always astonishing! Im sure its because Im not a 85 year old grandma canning jam! Am I the only modern day Woman with all kinds of cooking gadgets?! 

Honestly, when it came around to cooking sweet potato casserole (or is it yams?) for Thanksgiving, I didn't have the first clue how to make them from dirt covered to marshmallow smothered, I just knew it was going to happen in the pressure cooker; like 90% of the things I make! I called a friend, asked how many pounds of potatoes I needed for around 25 people, I heard a gasp… "what…" and something about 12 pounds I believe… I can't remember exactly how many now, but it was a lot! 

I started by washing the sweet potatoes, scrub those little suckers good, there is no need to peel them, the skin is super nutrient! Now, this where the pressure cooker comes into play. Seriously, I cut the sweet potato in half, toss them in! THAT EASY! No cutting them up evenly so they all cook the same. To that I added a whole pineapple, with all the outside cut off of course! About half a cup of honey and a little water to cover the potatoes. I may have used some fresh rosemary and dill as well, Im pretty sure  of it actually. Seal the lid, and cook! Its THAT simple. Twenty minutes of cook time, thats about 35-40 all together with waiting for the pressure to build up! 

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